Something about TOP russian online store

Comment for this post — Why can’t sell.

All is right! I added my opinion — TOP Russian seller don’t understand main market rule — sell your product quality and buyers will back again.

Many Russian online store copy-paste European business model and find investing to their company’s. And on this European business model… is over.

The first trend in e-commerce — «find and buy» more customers as much as you can. Nobody does not check the ROI and nobody’s knew about LTV. They have millions of dollars cash and they do everything, what the want.

They say:

«Ok, we need to grow, we need to grow our BRAND and after this we will count money».

But nobody doesn’t read some books, don’t analyse USA and Europe business experience and not learned contact with customers. Customers buy only once, find some fails, have no answers and regrets and never back to this store.

As a result, this customer stays in small online stores, who don’t have BIG money and who know something about customer loyalty.

Now, I see a new trend — more online stores started a «low prices race».

They say:

«Ok, we give a low prices, we find customers and after this we will count money».

And of course, they don’t count money, they don’t work with their customers. And they remind about main — customer service and loyalty.

They reduce the costs, they reduce the advert, they sell on the verge of profitability and they pray on the dollar.

I think, this crisis is the good time for all.

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