Odnoklassniki, why are you doing this?

I think, the main fail Odnoklassniki — they don’t understand than their audience is not boys and girls from this video. And OK don’t want to understand this.

Yes, they create a modern video marketing, but the position for this video is not targeted.

My mother-in-law, my daddy-in-law, their brothers and sisters, their school friends and other use OK. OK use my parents, and they have a chat with their friends, not in Vkontakte.

Why OK can’t confess to himself and understand, that teenagers, young mans, hipsters use Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter. And OK can’t attracted this auditory.

More, global time of «happy startups» is over and now they need big money (really BIG money) to advert their network among this people.

And why they don’t concentrate on «aged peoples»?

  • 60 years woman found her student love men in OK, chats with him and dreamed about past time.
  • Two aged men meeting and remember about time in the army.
  • Etc.

This is real persons, who use OK.

P.S. — and they close comment to Youtube video. Why? 🙂

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