Why Yandex will become the gouverment company

I think, more that 90% peoples, who work in russian IT and digital know this news — Yandex asked help in Russian antimonopoly service. Contributor — Google. This news devided all people on two groups — first, who protect Yandex and second, who think that Google can everything what he want with their products (Android).

I don’t want to talk about «who rights». I think, choose — this is individual and every body can choose everything, what they think rights.

But i what to share some idea. I thinking about this right away when read this news.

And now, Yandex find the help in russian authority. What does this mean? Look. In Russia, when you are your business think, what your rights are break, you are go to those, who can help you. Who have more «power». In Russia this is police, judge, Russian antimonopoly service etc. And often sometime, this is gangsters in «black suits», who work in police, judge, Russian antimonopoly etc.

Its a sad tradition — you go for the help and you ask help, but not a demand quality service and rights saved. In Russia if you ask a help, you need a pay.

And what doing after Yandex ask the help in authority? You right — they will pay.

How much?

To answer on this question we need to back in summer 2014.

This is «Online business conference in Russia» and president Putin talk with Arkady Volozh (CEO Yandex).

Putin say:

«In world are four companies, who have online search engine. And all four companys have one owner (Putin means USA — note). This is monopoly. And any monopoly is good, when its your monopoly».

Just see on A. Volozh face after this speech and you all understand.

But back in USSR to authority. Im interesting some one Putins quote:

President Putin:

«Nobody cant will imposed restrictions, market and your business restrictions»

Ok, go next. Do you now Yandex.Market? This is russian marketplace, which mired in disputes about crossborder sales and counterfeit products. The TOP-10 offline and online retailers try to push their restrictive conditions inside service agreement. Some expert think, what this is attempt to remove from the russian market a small retailers.

Dont forget about news aggregate Yandex.News and conflict with deputats, who try to registered this company as global media.

I want to remind about Yandex.Money. This company gifted their «Gold stock»… to Sberbank (government bank).

I dont like some conspiracy, but i think russian online company more and more approaches with russian authority and politic. And this is not so good.

What doing the authority? I think they «protected» this russian company (but i dont know how this real help to Yandex in fight with Google).
But i scare about this — all authority protections in Russia reduced to government appointment of curators to executive and finance positions in company.

And i think, Yandex is fully understand this rules.

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