Make your meetings more productively

Tired from the long meeting? More — you have the long meeting and you can’t find some project decision in this time? Congratulation — you have a big problem. You lost not only your time but team and project time too. Do you know what time is gold? You lost this gold.

How to correct this situation? Actually, you can use three simple question to your team on each meeting, when you discuss your project or tasks.

Every member need to answer only on this 3 questions:

  1. What is made from the last meeting?
  2. What will be made after the current meeting to next?
  3. What problems is disturbing project development?

As you see, two first question give a clear understanding project development progress by everyone team member. This is very helpful and you know all about all present and future works.

Last question more difficult and you can collect all answers and discuss with technical/marketing/etc lead members.

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