How to create happiness for other people and... you!

In the middle of lecture with 20 listeners, the speaker offered all attendees group exercise. He distributed to everyone on a balloon and asked to write on it the name. After that, all balls collected and placed to the certain room.

Then listeners asked to come into this room and within five minutes to find a ball with the name. All rushed to look for the ball, being pushed, pushing away each other, and creating general mad chaos.

After 5 minutes, any person didn’t find a ball with the name.

Then the lecturer asked listeners to come into the room, to take any ball and to give it to what name on it is written. In a couple of minutes, the owners had all balls in hands.

And then the speaker told: «In the same way occurs and in life. All violently look for happiness around, without having the slightest concept – where it is actual. Our happiness sometimes is behind happiness of other people. Bring them their happiness and in exchange you receive the. It is also the main goal in human life – searches of happiness».

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