Startup tips: 4 main things, which can interrupt you

Hi, to all. Today I want to share some ideas about things, which can interrupt all working process in any startup or successful product. And I’m sure, that everybody knows or feel something similar at some time. Of course, I encountered with this early by myself and I think, this tips will be helpful for all businessman and managers.


Main and the most famous thing which look like a thought «I’m a loser». For example, you are a cool programmer, who can make real great apps. And if you afraid to hear, that you are not a good coder (or your product is bullshit), you can continue to coding your project «under the table» and don’t visit some meet and conferences to «sell» your product. And yes, this is a good way to hide your head into the sand and live your boring life in this fear.

And I told not only about programmers. It’s funny because programmers afraid to work with «sales» and product managers afraid to work with «coding». When I say «work» I mean simple understanding «how it works» and some attempts to use this in your life.

All this guys afraid to make big small changes and understand this simple idea because they… afraid to change something in their life.I don’t want to say something about this more, but just you know — this fear leave you after your first successful action/product. Even if you mistake don’t forget about «failed entrepreneur = experienced entrepreneur».

Comfort zone

This is my favorite thing which connected with fear. A comfort zone is a place when you feeling well. Boring but stable job, the unsuccessful but dear project (or some stage in this project), bad city, etc. You love this «place» because you think, that nothing goes wrong. If nothing goes wrong you feel your safety.

Be sure, that this «safety» is misleading. Once, something really wrong will happen with you (or your product) and you will be in real looser position because you lose your time and chance to change something before.

Try to feel your comfort zone and be very careful (periodically) when you stay in it.


This is some gift from our mother-nature. I don’t know why this thing happen. But this is a fact — it’s a time when you or your product stops in development or grow.

I think there three main reasons:

  • You have some non-standard situation. It looks like when the victim sees the hunter and freezes (back to point about fear). Shake your head and try to think from the beginning.
  • You have some psychological factors. You lose your interest, you have a depression, scuffling with details etc. Stop doing this and don’t be a rag.
  • Your skills factors. Your brain could be freeze because you don’t have any skills to resolve this question. It’s not dangerous if you feel and understand this. It’s easy — hire a professional employee or learn yourself.

Stupor also similar on procrastination. When you start to feel something like «I neeeed tooo dooo this veryyyy slooowly» just know, that this is a bad idea.


Be careful — it could be some reaction on your fear. This is a most popular think for everybody: for big businessman, for successful managers, for stars and sportsmen’s. For everybody. You feel extensive wings behind your back. This is a good feel to create a great thing but be careful with this.

Remember, that this is very dangerous because you:

if you hear only yourself => You deny any opinions (often, very helpful) => You ignore and lose all factors from your attention

In translate on startup language, you can choose the wrong way to promote your product, raise your team (when your product doesn’t need this) and develop unnecessary functions for your product. Yes, you can be a most smarter man on the world but even Steve Jobs make a mistake.

And you know… You don’t have any way to avoid this thing. This is a natural senses and reply from your mind to some external signals. And if you should feel this thing and know, how to overcome it.

How to make a decision? Feel your heart but make your mind.

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