21 century: when science began marketing

Elon Mask did not invent anything new, and its electric vehicles it’s just expensive toys for those who own BMW. SpaceX? Are you serious? USSR launched a rocket into space for another 50 years ago. Why reinvent the wheel?

I’m not like Mark Zuckerberg post about the unmanned aerial vehicle, autonomous flying over Silicon Valley and distributing the internet because no one in the modern world did not need his flying Internet provider.

Why am I neutral about the Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko? Because I knew nothing about it until then, and the resulting from it, as well as with thousands of other comets or stars information on the step will not bring mankind to solve global issues.

Science froze, and real scientists die in their unconfirmed theories and works while money for studies distinguishes those who want to make the names and status of these studies, rather than move the science forward. Scientific publications are a thing of the past, and the remaining magazines write about businessmen who are trying to grow money.

Such a pessimistic assumption, I would like to draw attention to one of the major problems of mankind in a timely manner no bold attempts to settle deeper and complex issues than simply combine current opening among themselves in trying to do something, the patent for which you can sell. I will not long go into detail about how good or bad, so willing to criticize me for such bold statements spirit of «don’t criticize and suggest» must read this post until the end-I will offer his vision of what it could bring to the attention of modern science.

So, I’m inclined to the version that we never invent antigravity, and the speed of light, we can only play in a Pocket Flashlight. Why will we never be able to travel back in time? Because we can’t even understand the essence and mechanism of such travel (and even more so to understand why they need us, no kidding). The absence of any decisions, at least approaching us to answer Micron on these questions, in my opinion, finds an explanation in the following:

over the centuries of history, mankind has not yet realized that to understand such things as the time and space you need to completely rethink the approach to the nature of their possible origin

Is it really difficult to become aware of the fact that today’s higher mathematics, physics, and astronomy, with the current knowledge and tools, cannot explain everything that we are so interesting. And why not just throw away all these useless knowledge for these tasks and start learning from scratch. With the new angle of view.

What’s behind the angle of vision?

It seems to me that all the answers (or, at least, as the greater part of them) are embedded in the human brain. To be more precise in its properties, which we know a little less than nothing. How does the human brain work? Yes, Yes, we all know that there are such neurons that are responsible for a bunch of things in our body, like our feelings, movements, and other things. But I’m not about that. How it works in terms of … I can’t even pick up a Word … human perception. What do you think? As thoughts appear? How does the comprehension of information? Where she go after that? I don’t know, and no one yet knows, so I suggest jump this most important moment and look at the human brain and its application from a different perspective.

It is precisely this view and its application, provided that the answers to the questions are found, may help humanity in search for answers to everything that appears in science fiction movies.

How does the brain memory work? And immediately the second question whether it limits? The Just think our brain contains millions (if not billions) of memories-the sounds, pictures, pictures in motion, tastes, tactile sensations, painful sensations, emotions. Hundreds of thousands of shades of all this successfully stored in our brain (Lord, how?) and periodically makes itself felt. If once and there will be a time when the brain can be used for storage of third-party data, it will seek to infinity because the brain is something more than a simple USB-storage, the analogy with which you now held in your brain.

We cannot now understand this, so learn poems by heart and eat chocolates before exams. Although brain-here it is, ready to take and keep any information right behind your eyes 🙂

How does the production of information by the brain? I’m talking about how you visit ideas. How artists make up the picture. As engineers invent mechanisms. How do poets write poems? After all, it’s just, boom! Flash, blink, and here it is, new … No, not the universe, a simple idea. It’s the most the present production. Only the production of something that defies explanation.

Why do we dream in the night? No one knows the answer to this question, which is generally not fully understood by scientists. There is understanding how it occurs in terms of physiological processes of the body, but NO ONE still knows how it is formed and the process of creating direct dreams.

This may sound strange, but if the mystery of the brain will be unraveled, sleep can be analogous to some real tool for visual, emotional, tactile and another modeling. Any situation.

A thousand dreams that you’ve seen in my entire life is clear examples of such simulations, the terms of which are set by unknown to you all algorithms of your brain. Absolute machine for any calculations.

Scientists know how to operate these algorithms and how to manage them, dreams and their reproductions can be used for almost anything, from tiered payments different formulas to design full-scale development scenarios for anything. ABSOLUTELY anything.

Moreover, what is a dream? Have you ever wondered? Why do you see something seen once, but in an altered plot? Your friends, relatives, acquaintances, houses, streets, cities, seasons, and much much more, almost always vary among themselves in dreams. And sometimes you are not wanting to do what they could not or did not have time to do. Or you can influence this story of their dreams? It was this, confess. What is this? Were you in your head? Where were you at that time?

And most importantly — why you sometimes see dreams about something that was not in your life and that you will never remember. All this in an infinite variety of variations. I was scared to voice his theory, but I think you know what I mean.

It is only a small (or big, depends on what the basis of measurement and the comparison object, but whether this?) that hides part of our brain. Although the «brain» is just another scientific term to define another human body and its concept fit only those frames that define themselves, scientists. I’m sure the answers to any questions in this world (even that it is) are in our head.

How you can see, it’s more interesting, than flying robots and cars with charging. Why people and scientists don’t interesting in this? I don’t know — maybe they scare understand something new. Maybe they lost their courage and skills to find and understanding. I really don’t know…

P.s. By the way, what do you think now? How does it feel?

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