6 expressions to startups from US "SEAL"

Today I want to share some interesting phrase, what I really like. As you read, this phrase I borrowed from a guys, who called US Navy SEAL (read more about SEAL on Wikipedia). These guys do a hard work for our safety and I’m really happy to share their experience.

Yeah, i know, that many «motivation» phrases this is a result of content manager fantasy, but, this expressions look like a really helpful tips for any business or startups in each country in our world. Let’s go!

1. Easily could be only yesterday

When you go to your goal, every day can be a challenge. If you’ll wake up every day with the idea that ready for tests and they will make you better, you will be able to achieve any goal.

2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

One of the exercises in preparation of the «SEAL» is called «water torture». You hold hands with other soldiers when your body immersed in the ocean. There you are up to the early stages of hypothermia. The initial phase of training suggests that this exercise will be done every day. It learns to ignore the discomfort and concentrate on the task at hand.

3. Don’t run to your death

«SEAL» often pronounce this phrase. And it’s not a metaphor. In combat conditions of load on the body can be enormous. Therefore, having a goal, it is very important to slowly approach its implementation (do you remember my post about Chinese wisdom? I think, this tips about this too). The same applies to real life situations. Even if you have a plan, take your time, be smarter and not fall himself to death.

4. Have a shared sense of purpose

Everything is changing. Employees go away and come. Technologies change every year. It is very important to find people who are pursuing the same goals as you do and profess the same ideals. Finding like-minded people, you will become much closer to success.

5. Move, shoot, communicate

«SEAL» have become perfect in three actions:

  1. Move: the team must work as one harmonious mechanism.
  2. Shoot: no comment. Just do what you should do.
  3. Communicate: the team must constantly stay in touch.

The same philosophy can be applied in business and work. The team must work together and adapt to changing conditions. Which brings us to the next point.

6. Every plan works before the first contact with the enemy

Did you know, that this phrase told Helmuth von Moltke, German World War I Commander? Now you know. Also, Mike Tyson once said: Everyone has a plan until you get hit in the face.

That is why training and training even more important than a well thought out plan.

7. Everything at stake

Be a good fighter is not enough in order to enter the command of «SEAL». You must sacrifice everything just to survive on another day. You will not be able to become a prominent person (if you have such a purpose) without risking. Just putting everything on the bet, you can win even more.

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