Why marketing can kill

Karl Marks warned that the tendency of capitalism to attribute high value to essentially unnecessary goods over time will cause the consumer to become resourceful and prudent slave untold, sophisticated, unnatural and contrived desire.

This is correct characteristic of modern citizens, which satisfied luxury, feeling the need to buy new thing every time.

For example, let’s see on iPhone 5S. Do you have it? Or you have iPhone 6? Why? Is it true, that 5 better, than 5S or 6? Just think about your feelings. Is it a real what you need or artificial?

No, no, I love iPhone and thankful to Steve and all Apple Inc. for their products. I say about something global in people mind. This is desire about «I want to be no worse than other». What is this? Is it a good way to work hard (and spend more) and grow your finance status? Maybe, why not.

But do you know about «Keeping up with the Joneses» idiom? Is international term, which show how people do what others are doing. Or buying. Most about buying. Read about this on Wiki, it’s very interesting.

Most lazy’s can see «The Joneses» film with David Duchovny and Demi Moore. It’s a good example to understand all.

And let’s see on this with other the other side of the coin. When people ready to do something like «all people», they can do all like all people.

I mean, just see on episodes of mob violence, public murders (I mean the latest tragedy «Virginia shooting«) and everyday decision-making, judgement and opinion-forming. Yes, I know about people dissatisfaction, problems on work and many other. But what is this? What does this problem make? Can this be a part of something, what we call «Keeping up with the Joneses»?

People want to be recognized. Like their colleague on TV. People want to be rich, like other rich people. An Even child want to be successful, like their schools leaders. And every remembers about many schools incidents with hostages captured.

And, you know — I think, yes — it can be a part of consequences of marketing, which makes people ready to all. «Be rich, be successful, use only best» — we hear and see this every day.

Marketers play with people mind. But no one knows how far can these games go.

I think if Marks can see on this, he just approvingly.

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