Delegating of work by "Principes of ladders"

Found some interesting article in Forbes by Martin Zwilling «How To Delegate More Effectively In Your Business«. And I want to add something useful tips.

«Principes of ladders» — this is one of the most popular and effective (and simple) principles of delegation some work. Main idea — you stay employee on one step and do next step together.

  1. First step: look how I doing
  2. Second step: ask me, how I doing this and do it with me
  3. Third step: say me how you doing this and do it with my control
  4. Fourth step: say me your plan, do it and report
  5. Fifth step: do it and report

Start with first steps and go down. If your candidate can do 80% are more of this work you can delegating this.

And if you think «if you want something done — do it yourself», you are a bad boss.

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